Pain Testo

Testo Pain

When i drop my flow
my vibe and instrumental
my loving only come with one essential
you love suck dick
well wait till this meet your dental
now my loving stay pon
your mental

i fuck pussy like it piss me a-ah-off (off)
beat it up
like it rip me a-ah-off (off)
you got to be high
if you think this dick sof-ah-off (soft)
me a fuck pussy
me all rip tits a-ah-off (off)
vicky secret
me rip it a-ah-off (off)
tight and nice
she have a round little a-ah-ass (ass)
dick big like
santa cla-ah-ass (claus)
na fi ask
you suppose to know
me a go fuck you hard

verse 2

my size put me in the big dick cla- ha-ass (class)
full you up like a drinking fla-ha-ask (flask)
you think its a lie
me take jesus off the cro-ha-ass (cross)
me a wuk jenny
a pain
a di fore-ca-ha-ast (forecast)
the type
that like sex ina ski ma-ha-ask (mask)
tie you up
in the bed are
in the ca -ha-ar (car)
dick long like winta sca-ha-arf (scarf)
na fi ask
you suppose to know
you a go feel it all