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Testo Play With

The guns that I have ain't the ones them to play with
And I'm not the type of niga that you should play
See me niga don't say shit
I will beat you nigas like I'm racist

[Verse 1:]
I see you
Now look look what I do
I squeeze it pon you
Leave you in di ICU
Who-who-ha- ha
Who the fuck is you
Without further aduiex
I bid you adu
Di glocks that I use
Turn you into goo
When I
Turn it pon u
By madison ave
The last I see of you
The doctor was turning blue
Run out the ER
And scream EWE

[Verse 2:]
Take a view
Look look what I do
Me shot a search thrue nigas
Like google and yahoo
You would think
A john woo
Movie we a shoot
People see my gun
And say that's got to be new
Say what?
You don't know?
You suppose to know a who
Ch-n a break skulls like a bottle a ragu
Shot snap at you
Break your head like snapple
Bout you a rotten apple
Now rot in a coffin