Petite And U Nice Testo

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Testo Petite And U Nice

girl you pretty you cute cute
petite and you nice
pussy feel like the grip from a vice
some girl hate you ture your class and style
spit pon her tou tou
say bitch get a life

verse 1
you hot to the point white girls chill with you
to get a tan
just to chill with you
i need a fan
ain't no question about it lady
that bitch is mad
she mad cause she look like man
fucking tyler perry madea looking a like
you definitely look like
somebody i could make my wife
i would dagger you every night
i wouldn't dagger her with my knife

verse 2
love is in the air like swine flu
every man around u
want to say i do
like the mentalistist
that bitch need a clue
your prada
a pain her like
her period cycle
when you come in the club every man eyes u
war professor gay
and even he likes you
no man can every say he loves you
and then sike you
but i did that to her
when i rode her like a cycle

Verse 3
yo ugly
that could never be you
you she fugly
watch make me hit are with my shoe