Diamonds Hit Testo

Testo Diamonds Hit

Damn, damn

I look at my diamonds yeah them bitches hittin'
You talkin' shit get you [?]
Gettin' money since a muhfuckin' kid
I'm too high I can't close my eyelid
I need it now, I don't do no damn bitch
I don't know you I just might say you miss
I'm smokin' dope, I don't do no acid
Finessin' niggas so you know [?]
Trappin'-trappin' hard put the pounds in the beamer truck
I know you mad I don't really give a fuck
Your brothers a bitch I know your life suck
I"m smokin on UFC that shit beat you up
Pourin that wok [?] double cup
Glock .21 not no damn nunchucks