Wit Me Testo

Testo Wit Me

Uh (Yeah, uh)
Go, go (Yeah, uh)
Go, go (Yeah, uh)
Go, go, go, go (Yeah, uh)
Go, go (Oh yeah)
Go, go (Yeah)
Go, go, go

I walk in the Louis store, cannot be cheap
Got bad bitches on me just 'cause my feet
I walk in and you know that I reek
But scammin' niggas that would give you a piece
And I be high like a young nigga boardin'
Good gas and it's all in my organs
Don't need these bitches, no, they not important
Smoking dope even when I'm recordin'
Braids in my hair [?]
Beamer car, man, I'm switching them lanes (Skrrt)
Got good gas pack, I'm in memory lane
A lot of real niggas, you can't fuck up the dream
I came in this bitch and I fucked up the game
A lot of money, man, I'm making it rain
I'm a trap nigga but look what I became
Lot of hundreds, got that shit to my name
I dare you to pull out ten bands
You gon' lose the dare 'cause I know that you can't
Nigga, these bitches stare at the racks in my pants
I be trappin' hard making your rap advance
Too much bands, you can tell my stance
In the kitchen like Cloudy With A Chance
Bad bitch don't need no implants
I ain't throwin' money, you can stop all that dancin'
Spending money on designer, somethin' random
Getting money, man, this shit so random
Mix the Ksubi and Louis, man, that's a lil' random
These niggas broke, man, don't be an example
Big dawg, not a kitty, bitch
I'm trappin' hard, don't hit me, bitch (Trap too hard)
Free the gang even though that they guilty
I don't give a fuck, man, I still want 'em with me
(Go, go, go)