Earfquake Testo

Testo Earfquake

Niggas talking this and that but they don't realize I'm getting money, that's where my head at
I go outside and I'm looking 'round like "Where the feds at?"
Looking 'round like Big Worm off of Friday, nigga, where my bread at?
Talking to this nigga bitch, that's his bitch? You should've said that
And she texts my phone I ignore her, and I just read that
Put him in a slow class, he SPED
Dropped outta school, I still got the lead
He ain't drop so I hit him in the leg
When you shooting shit, gotta make sure they dead
Try me and I swear that's his head
Smoking too much dope I'm fucked up in the head
Talking crazy, yeah you heard what I said
Can't treat my pain with no type of meds
I'm so young for so much stress
Put that dope smoke in my chest
I don't wanna be depressed
I feel that shit in my flesh
With this life I'm obsessed
So high, it make me upset
I feel like a veteran (A vet)
The way that choppa my best friend (Best)
Sit down, getting money the best bet
Too much racks, it look like a Super Bowl bet
Baby, see how I play wit' the check
Fuck with me nigga, shh
That's how it be, nigga, stacks on deck
Sloppy 'lil shootings, yeah we laugh at that
You niggas be missing, hell yeah, we shooting back
I got my goons, I don't gotta get in that
I'm scared of you, nigga, you a fucking rat
Them hoes they get kicked out, they signed up for that
Cause, disrespectful hoes, nigga, I don't fuck with that
I'm tryna get a see-through Louis duffle bag
I'm running shit, nigga, fuck a rooster tat
Don't play with the gang, nigga, we don't play like that
AR-15, nigga, with extended mags
Lil KJ hop out, nigga, and he bust your ass
Bae wanna leave me? Would you go so fast?
You can't go nowhere, 'cause I love yo' ass
If I see 12, nigga, then I press the gas
Been goin' through so much, so I'm so sad
Depression a bitch, man it'll beat your ass
I fight for real, I ain't finna sneak your ass
Everything I did, please leave it in the past
No heart on my block, you gon' need a hall pass
I'm going hard, no breaks, all gas
I keep it 3000, Andre from Outkast
From McDonalds, order me some Outback
I'm 'finna get a stick, I'ma be right back
Feel like the Terminator
Blow him up, dominate him
Got yo' hoe and I'm a pro skater
You in my comments, you a pro hater
Never crack, get some Now and Laters
Got a bad bitch, she's a masturbator (Go, go, goo, go)
What the fuck? Can't see my name in no paper
Chopper make a earthquake, Tyler The Creator