Earl Sweatshirt Testo

Testo Earl Sweatshirt


Damn, got a white girl on a white girl
Whip this shit, gotta give it a whirl
Stupid bitch, I can't give you the world
Don't let me have a lil' boy or a girl
I'll make 'em smart and I'm a teach 'em how to pearl
She said, "Should I get straight or curls?"
I'm in my mind I'm like it's greater girls
Know I'm fucked up, tryna adapt to the world
[?] man, you can get curled
Spin your block and we left your block swirled
You broke as fuck, I'm like what in the world
Glock it hold nothing but [?]
Your bitch lame, she a fuckin' bird
[?] eyes, man, I gotta observe
Shootin' shit, givin' em what they deserve
Taraji, how she get on my nerves
Forgiatos, when I go out and swerve
Your bitch, man, I swear that bitch-
Hang with celebrities so I don't gotta serve
My niggas got time they gotta serve
Big Glock if a problem occur
Don't grip on the Glock so firm
You lyin' 'bout bodies, we gotta confirm
Tool on you, man, you workin' [?]
Trap nigga [?]
I'm destined, you got a [?]
Glock [?], he tryna take what I earn
Next thing you like "damn my arm burn"
Next thing he know he need armor
Makin' a play at the concert
Keep a stick, Lil Uzi Vert
Bad bitch on me turnt
Seein' too many hoes, gotta flirt
My ex bitch too burnt
Got a bad bitch and a cougar
She's a cool girl
We in 2020 It's a new world
They like, "Damn Duwap, you got a new girl?"
It's just me and the bros
It's a real nigga world
Gucci sweatshirt so I feel like Earl