Puttin Dat Shit On 16 Testo

Testo Puttin Dat Shit On 16

Panic, panic, panic
All that designer shit they like
They say I'm

Puttin' dat shit on (yeah)
Puttin' dat shit on (yeah)
Puttin' dat shit on (yeah)
Puttin' dat shit on (yeah)
Puttin' dat shit on (yeah)
Puttin' dat shit on (yeah)
Puttin' dat shit on (yeah)
Puttin' dat shit on (yeah)

What the fuck you got on?
I say "baby hit my phone"
You broke what is you on?
Free Ian but his head got a Vlone (tat)
Told my shootas come home
Pop me a pill like Post Malone
Nigga house hot he can't even post home
Nigga's broke as fuck he can't even post bail
You hang around hoes you hoe still
Shoot up his crib hope it goes well
I look on the ground and I see shells
Look at my eyes know you see hell
Got a bad bitch and she say that I'm hell
Free my brother he raise hell
How the fuck you servin' with a clean scale
[?] I wasn't gon' tell
30 round on me a lotta shells
Niggas talkin' on computer yeah [Adele?]
Nigga know that choppa sing like Adele
Niggas tryna hate epic fail
We ride 12 get behind they tail
I'm smokin' dope gettin high as hell
This nigga trippin' man pass the L
If I pull this Glock out and you take a L
I'm so high I'm so high
[?] the school yeah my name ringin' bells
This a freestyle man I know you could tell
My diamonds wet like a wishing well
And you broke as fuck had to jump in a wishing well
Last bitch told me "wish me well"
[?] and I know him for real
I'm in these streets like [?]