Killin Testo

Testo Killin

I'm smoking on dope, I'm smoking on dope
This shit got me coughin', yeah, yeah
Play with the gang, play with the gang, put your ass in a coffin, yeah, yeah
I flex often, yeah
Smoking on dope and I'm off it, yeah, yeah
Smoking on dope I'm off topic, yeah
That broke nigga shop at hot topic, yeah
I got a lot of that money
Hollow tips leave a fuck nigga running
Why that bitch keep running?
Don't talk all that shit in the DM's for nothing
Thot bitch, do you like me or him?
I'd rather hit a lick than hit the gym
Lovin' that bitch, I must've been a pimp
I'm hanging with Locs and them Brims
She said pay for her food, but I can't even
I pour me a four up, this ain't caffeine
Glock 26 right before I'm 18
Y'all niggas living fake lives, it's make-believe
Pour lean in my apple juice, Adam and Eve
I'm riding in foreign, my car smell like weed
Loving the way that she ride on me
I'm right in the trap smoking bumblebee
Sipping drank, don't sip bubbly
Smokin' and sippin' lean, that's my summary
I'm with the gang, nigga, like a company
Don't fuck with these niggas, fuck y'all company
Free all my niggas that's in custody
I get to the racks, nigga, yeah suddenly
Finna get them Ice Box diamonds in my ear
I got me a Glock, fuck a Musketeer
Yeah, uh, True Religion my rear
My diamonds the washing machine from Sears
Bad bitch, and she said take me serious
She want a Birkin bag, I went to Sears
Hope y'all niggas graduate this year
Ain't went to school, nigga, in about 6 years
I ran that nigga over with a car, like a deer
[?] but I ain't got no fear
All white fit, I saw a ghost in the mirror
Louis shit, and I fuck with Amir-ri
I'm fucking that bad bitch, she got good pussy
Nigga, I'm a savage, you a pussy
I'm in LA smoking Cookie
I'm rocking Raf, and you rocking Stussy
I thought it was a arcade, how I play with the pussy
I'm high as fuck eating cookies
Uh, uh, chocolate chip cookies
Uh, uh, chocolate chip bitches
Can't trust these bitches, they be witches
Can't trust these niggas, they be snitches
Pistol a genie, it grant wishes
Feel like I'm Gucci, this my kitchen
You know this the trap house with dirty dishes
Bitch I won't tap out, you know I'm spinnin'
I'm a real nigga, fuck your definition
Just a bad kid, man I was in detention
Y'all ugly hoes can't get no attention
Can't love hoes, yeah, I guess I love women
Simp hard, I'ma call you a Simpson
She said "Where the tea?" I don't drink Lipton
Big racks, man I'm making a killin'
Talking shit, man that shit be killin'
I got goons and you know they be killin'
I'm smoking dope and I swear it be killin'
Bitches annoying, y'all be killin
I'm just a cool nigga I be chillin
I'm totin that tool, nigga, you not willin'
I'm smoking dope and I swear it be killin'
Bitches annoying yall be killin'
I'm just a cool nigga I be chillin'
I'm totin that tool, nigga, you not willin'