Holy Testo

Testo Holy

Two days pass by All the while with the wind and the rain Another day moves along I'll wait one more just the same I had a tryst with a woman Who rides bareback and steers my mane She carries with her things I need Holy is her name Holy where can you be If I pray will I be able to see Holy come set me free The harder you ride the softer your fall will be Have you seen the girl that holds the world inside her heart Running on stones layed in her mind Moving from stop to start I had a dream that she was standing in a corner bedroom Staring out the window with her face against the glass Warm as summer's sun Pure as the driven snow Five A.M. the sun is shining I could barely sleep I look up and to my surprise stands Holy at my feet Her dress torn Her skin was dirty I could hardly believe When she told me how some man had stolen what rightfully belonged to me