One Way Out Testo

Testo One Way Out

How many times must I tell you Tell you to leave me alone I'm not gonna fight Huh, I couldn't take you alone And I know you know how to get me down and break me You could leave me face down in the dirt But, you can't take away my spirit And I won't forget about the hurt There's only one way out I can't find my way around There's only one way out That's through you It's an eerie confrontation : Me against myself And I kinda feel strange We are one : The same man Is one of us ever going to change I live day in, day out by your rules You live and pray on the channels of my mind I wrack my brains to get rid of you The spirit that poisons me inside Release the night, release the night You son of a bitch what must I do I'm in a corner hidden tight And the only way out is through you