Make It Work Testo

Testo Make It Work

Step back my weary one Look at what you were and what you've become Your eyes hang so very heavy Rest now, for you've today'd all you wanted done Sleep while you can Tomorrow is not finished So make it work Swirl your oils painter Prepare your frame and brush Your vision is still only yours That only you can feel for touching Ready all you have Masterpieces must be finished So make it work Still, I feel the blood as it flows through my veins And I wonder why it gushes life through my heart as it pumps thoughts into my brain And when ever I dream myself beneath the hungry limbs of sturdy trees I see no swinging rope No protest Nor saddled horses Only a young boy I held his hand and said Make it work child Make it work Travel your matter nomad Manifest what and who can be had Your compass is lopsided And your destination is shadowed Search while you can Dreams are made for sleeping So make it work