Needle In A Haystack Testo

Testo Needle In A Haystack

His head is kinda achin' Too many cigarettes and too much of this bottle Too many things on his mind tonight Too much thinkin' lately About the things that are missing and the things he'll never find 'till he can reach and turn on the lights Watchin' the clock move Fillin' up the ash tray Spilling his guts to somebody that's not even there Time is moving slowly He feels like he's the only needle in this haystack He's a needle in a haystack He's feelin' kinda hazy All out of luck with no place to go He's turnin' out all the lights He thinks he's goin' crazy Hidin' from things he's already shown The things he's avoided alll his life He sees faces in the mirror Showin' him what kind of man he's become (What kind of man have I become?) Reachin' out from in him He sees the side of him that needs to be alone (What kind of man always needs to be alone?)