I Am A Man Testo

Testo I Am A Man

I own the fire I own the woman I shot the lynx With my bow and arrow I am a hunter I am a keeper I break my back For the good of my children I Am A Man The big ct was tearing The beast he was swirling With blood on his teeth His black eyes were early I faced my attacker A spear in my hand My heart was beating faster This could be my final stand I Am A Man The beast followed further He charged my intention He must have a family He looks starved for affection He could stamp out my fire He could steal my woman He could break up my family I'm prepared to kill him I Am A Man I am a provider I take what I must The beast he lay dying In a pool of blood, sweat, and dust So I returned to my fire I remained by my woman I ate with my children The cat and the lynx For I am a Man