Hung By A Thread Testo

Testo Hung By A Thread

So here I stand : Face to face with the world So curled up in reality : Suffocating in the womb of moral receipt Often I feel the blood as it flows through my veins Gushing life through my heart. Pumping thoughts to my brain Hang myself out like a sheet soaking wet For I long to feel winds that I haven't felt yet Sometimes I feel I'm hanging by a thread Burning candles at both ends Close to falling off the edge Sometimes... I don't know if I can hold on anymore Now, I stand accused of all the things that I've done But my violence here is in protest : For I'm not a guilty one I only believe what I see fit to believe I pretend to be desperate to get what I need And I'd raise my fist to the injustice I'm faced at But, I'm unable to fight with my hands tied behind my back So hang me up high, in a tree, facing north I'll be burning my bridges as you're slapping the horse It's too late to run And it's much too late for running away You see it in the eyes of caged animals You see it in the faces of women scorned It's not anger that makes the cobra strike It's fear and only fear through which hatred is born You see, it's sitting here in silence where bitter thoughts are sewn It's one free life and sanity we want sacred as our own But there are other planes I'm looking for in my search for peace & truth It's the shadow of fear and hatred that has put me in this noose