Work Hard Testo

Testo Work Hard

[Verse 1:]
Let me tell y'all the story of my life, get to know about my passion
Always dreamt big and I turned it to an action
Wondering where I could be in a couple years
Assemble a strong team no muskateers
I paint a picture, I'm a well deserved artist
Out of my colleagues, I seem to work the hardest
I never had money so I worked to where I am now
My team with me, you will never see a man down
My family and single mom that be strugglin'
Life's speeding up so I got the seat buckled in
I promise mom if I make it big one day
She won't need to wake up for work on a monday
Never get distracted by them undercover pretty hoes
And why's that I gotta shoot my own videos?
I don't promote so the whole fucking city knows
Don't you get it though? The worlds bigger hoe

I don't really know where I'm going
But I know what I want
I can see it going far
And I'm reaching for the stars
And it's showing
With everything that I do
It's just me and my crew
And we're gonna make it through

I work hard, it ain't no secret
You better believe it, I'm gonna achieve it
I work hard, you might not see it
No time for sleeping, swimming in the deep end
I work hard, whatever is needed
Life's just speeding, need a little freedom
I work hard, I work hard
I work hard, I work hard

[Verse 2:]
I decided to do rap and just try for fun
My younger days, I was always just the quiet one
Time and wisdom is what got me my position
If it wasn't for my peers then I don't see my existance
Women and fame is all the things I'd never chase
If it's right than it will come, you will get your way
Never took astronomy but I know I'd be a star
Not the kid who 'wows' everytime they see a fancy car
They expect me to be social, speaking up
And in reality, how many of y'all believe in us
The haters, a part of when you're reaching up
Owning a maserati, that's part of the things I'm dreaming of
Women seeking love, they believed in lust
Don't start a chapter if you can't read the trust
Don't judge a book by it's cover
I know it's kinda hard when it looks like another