Drama Testo

Testo Drama

(feat. DJ Hunnicut)

[INTRO: Odario]
Too much drama. These MCs trying to take what's not their's. They don't
know the deal. A yo, Spitz come here and tell them the deal.

Yo, check it out
Sometimes we shine so bright it's devine
MCs staring at my mic have been known to go blind
You got two great minds intertwined to combine
An ultimate rhyme that's unmatched
We attack beats that make your neck snap back
And possibly the clash, no hope for a rematch
It's Maxmo the dispatcher in pursuit of sucker MCs
Calling for backup in case thses fools feeling lucky
Roger that dispatch
Received your call got your back
Head 'em off on the corner, peep straight and relax [?]
He's heading right in your direction, I'm in hot pursuit
Oh shit! He seen me call, got shook changed his route
Pseudo effects[?], ran through Bar B-Q
Car two, you double back, I'm in fullout pursuit
If he thinks he's getting away, this cat's sniffing glue
So I flew over this fence dodging kids eatting hot dogs
Sucker you're out of shape, you sucking wind like you Boss Hog
Your lines got cocked back, my lines fully loaded
Should have stopped writing when your brain overloaded
Your head started to swell and your neck couldn't hold it
Toppled head over heals to the ground, body folded
Free advice, take notes but don't quote it
Look me dead in the eyes and tell me that you wrote it
You couldn't take the pressure and your f****** brain exploded
[Odario] Ahhh, damn!

[Jeru, scratched by DJ Hunnicut several times] "Mad drama"

Definition of a rhyming practician
On timing the rendition
Hold your rah, take a listen
Don't stop, fix your lonely condition
Watch what you're wishin'
Mark you proposition (proposition)
Mood Ruff don't die, we multiply
Well I, like to chillin'
Keep one eye... open
Top billin', scoping out the villian
No longer holding no we hoping and willing
To make some sense, can't be rapping again
Over my expense, now he running again
Done in, mad ones and dreams to making the coming up
Lost ones, you know they think they strong enough
I come out hardlife, po-po I make you wonder
I bring the drama, show ya lyrical thunder
Pull ya, pull pull we going under
Beneath the level with me the rhyme devil (devil)
I'm well defined within my theory
We cross the line the more the merry
Come on with me, let's be what we gotta
The MC, MC we keep it hotter
Yeah we now infiltrate your entire being
This is how we bring it live to all them pepole still believing in
Ripping mics 'til the crowd goes deaf {deaf}
Dropping wax, mix it up like a chef {chef}
Body rocking 'til there's no moves left
Innovate new styles, expect nothing less
Never rest, perfectionists, none the less
You got extra chips
Well invest off the rest, we the next
It ain't a job, it's a reflex
Hit me with the mic and I spit text

[Jeru, scratched DJ Hunnicut] "Mad Drama"