Strangers Testo

Testo Strangers

[INTRO: Odario]
I took the money and run (ha ha ha, ha)
I took the money and run
What what, what
I took the money and run
[Sptiz] Yo, you about to get done by Mood Ruff and the designated hit one
[Odario] You took the money and run
[Spitz] Feel the reprecussions of your action
[Odario] You took the money and run
[Spitz] You left a path of destruction
[Odario] You took the money and run
[Spitz] We used to be boys, now you're nothing
[Odario] We took the money and run

Yo, yo
I don't believe you have the mental capacity to battle me
I take reality, twist them shits make them fallicy
You're retaliaty(sp?) was proven through a tradegy
You try to challenge me, but lack the skill if you were casuality
Telling you, you lose, no orginiality
Heard it straight from your mic, 'cause he's a pal of me
You're an empty calorie about to get burned
I hope you learn, you can't destroy my name because it's earned
M-A to the X-M-O
Professional of point ready for war
You're my competitor, toe to toe, no detour
'Cause I'm raw and need to make some money, that's for sure
So I'mma give you mouth shots so you can't take it no more
Second you think I'm done, I'mma do an encore
Rock your world, your mom and your girl
Rhyme so raw make a fetus uncurl
And do head spins in the uterus
Who is this? Spitz dogg staying true to this
Foolishness, if you think you'll be schoolin' this
What (what), what (what), what (what), what?
I got skills to make your spot get ill
You'll be under my spell from the night until
Morning, used to be cool now you're gone and
Talking my name while it's written on your forehead
True dat, {What's wrong with you?}
Thought you knew that, why do people do the things they do?
You best to check yo self, so you can find your credential
I'm influential when I rock the instrumental
You repent my style is heaven sent
Friendship end, see through your element
Running round here gettin every girl pregnant
Pushing on mine when I wasn't looking
Squash that, Mood Ruff is for the booking
That's how it goes, we the only thing cooking
I set it off, my permenant flow
We be rapping about the drama that I see at the show
The club boulevard, the fake superstar
You know who they are, they be sitting in the ???? of they car talking to
they mama (huh?)
The same damn ones who bring the mad, mad drama
They come around when I want to get down
Brother gave me a hug, another gave me a pound
If you want to chill, you best be careful
They'll kill at will to kick an earful
Talking about how they coming out
The simple fact, they track the wrong route (no doubt)
No doubt, I got better things to deal with
When we were kids, see you didn't want to hear it
How many moons? But yo I don't fear it
Mood Ruff recognize mind body and spirit
Yo, consider yourself forewarned the wars on
Heating up the mic when your skills is frozen
It's not life that you're living more like death prolonged
Killing you softly with this song
Won't hesitate to dis one
If you're bitchin' you can't handle what I'm dishin'
Your cue to split son, on your way out send in the next one
Roll up my sleeves so I could get my flex on
Spill like the Exxon, rhymes past, still in detention
Your fibre-optic skills, too weak to mention
While my display shine, ready for inspection
Disconnection like an unpaid bill
You ge the dills, no respect son
Got to chill while we move in progression
Remain here, while you're still in recession
I don't feel when you spill our confession
Big deal it's the lies and deception
That kill like lethal injection
My will and pride's my protection, strive for perfection
God's gift of direction to rip through your section
Suggestion, next time there's friction don't run
How could you disrespect me, expect no repercussion
I'm dustin' selector, used to be trust, now you're nothin'
I rip you apart leave no remainder
Caught weak and out of shape, need some weight gaining
And a personnal trainer, to just help you find the fader
Take you out now, don't have to deal with you latter
So next time you see me pass me by like a stranger
Stranger [fades out]

[Odario] You took the money and run
[Spitz] Dustin' selector, I used to be trusted, you nothing
[Odario] You took the money and run
[Spitz] Goes around comes around son
[Odario] You took the money and run
[Spitz] We used to be boys but now you're nothing, hear me
[Odario] You took the money and run
[Spitz] Yo, yo, you left your path of destruction
[Odario] You took the money and run
[Spitz] Keep running
"running, running and you're running away" [repeats until fade]
[Odario] You took the money and run
[Spitz] But you can't run away from yourself
Keep running
You can't run away from yourself
Don't look back