Reprisin:live Testo

Testo Reprisin:live

(feat. The Hummers)

[INTRO: Odario]
Later on in the night. The Mood Ruff and the Hummers collabo. We unite and
get ourselves together. We got to let them know. We got let those people
know. Yeah, we ready boys? Yeah, let's do this. Yeah

Come on, OOO-OOOO
Buckle up and come ride with us (what?)
Madman vocalist, connection (uh)
Take a glance up on my vision
When I grab the microphone, satisfaction
Guarenteed, yes indeed
I got the ill flow to make your eardrums bleed
And I shall proceed and continue to rock any venue
I step into, who knew?
I grab the microphone and the speakers blew
That's night nice
Better think twice
Cause stiff rice if you grab the mice device
Check it out, what **Overlaps with last line**
Precise on the freestyle
All the while, the funky chld in the studio
It's Odario with the ill flow
My man right beside goes by the name of Maxmo
Watch me pass go
Collect my two hundred dollars
Give it back to holla to the people I respected
Bub, Susan Johnson, watch the dog get elected
That's right I connected to all my people, that's right
Check for the sequel
Mood Ruff part two
And I bust through any MC or any crew
Part three is me, mad energy
To come to your town
Give pounds to the brothers in the underground
Check the new sound
It's a Mood Ruff collaboration
Across the nation, with the Hummers
The funky drummers, the bass and the guitar
We gonna go far, like shooting stars
Don't even try this, I leave ya scarred. What
Scars that won't heal
Got mass appeal, Mood Ruff, the real deal
I know you feel waht I feel
When I spill lyrics
And that's ill
Hope you hear it
[Odario] Hope you hear it
[Spitz] You know the deal

[OUTRO: Odario]
Delivered to the people across the nation, y'all we're reprising. Without a
hook, we'll save that for later. Uh-huh
Just freestyling you know. That's what it's all about, just having some fun
[Odario] Yeah
Something nice
Big ass band