No Hooks Testo

Testo No Hooks

[Spitz & Odario
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah

[Odario (Spitz)]
Buckle up and come ride with us
The providers of the F-U-N-K
With underground status I can do this my way
Let my rhyme pay (O.K)
No way, today's a new day (a new day)
I come to do my thing, make it happen man
You'll never catch me slacking like them boys up at ????
When they bite, insight that's made to excite
If you're sitting in my brain, then I wouldn't have to explain
My occupation is stricter communication
I dedicate to the world that I be facing
That is the key to unlock new melodies like felonies, jump off it
Style more rapid than bounce in Texas
Keep your remixes kid
Want to get with this ????
As if you were an addict, a rhyming fanatic
I keep my hip-hop just like it was mathematics
And study what you come with
We getting live with this underground function
We getting live with it
[(Spitz) Odario]
Who's the one you're trusting?
I bring the rock with spontaneous cumbustion
Spit so much my microphone be rusting
Induction to the hall of fame
Your designated hit come to sharpen up his game
Most styles is playing with the grain
I'll mentally expand it, explore new terrain
What's your name? Odario, the day dream fiend
What's your function? I dedicate my life to this dream
What's that mean? I'll leave my mark on the scene
Cutting off dead ends just like I had gangreen
Well, let's see, my team be out promoting the green
I get two for one rappers, every coupon redeemed
Haven't hit the mainstream
But when it happens, guarenteed satisfaction
Making moves while crews be relaxing
Interaction, let them crowd participaction
Sketch be cutting up the wax-in
Vocally dispatching the words from the wise
And I advise you not to compromise your intention
Hangin in suspense makes you wonder what's next
Hypnotized by the flow, lost up in the vortex
Respects, due to all the night life types
Dedicated to the art, keeping hip-hop tight
Dispite, a system trying to hold us down
But Imma keep banging, can't stop this sound

[Spitz & Odario]
Yeah, yeah, yeah
yeah, yeah

New style on the planet, let's make it work
Get your camera, the planet will hit the dirt
Dos D(?) coming in like an alien
Recognize my composure, no comparison
Hope you're not fearing
But feeling, my spirit is appealling
We rock rhymes while you're dancing on the ceiling
The underground roof tops
Kid you never miss a second unless you intox - icated
Never faded, plus I will never endorse soap
I'll make your backbone slide and rock your torso
As for the bro with the vertebrae that's on a roll
Pick it up and keep it moving like you Soul II Soul
No doubt clought, you know we keep it tight
No need for light, 'cause we wild for the night
Intense ???? of events today get me stressed
I need to release to get them ****** off my chest
Careless, who's impressed by the gimmicks
I'll get inside your head, push your mental to the limits and witness
Lay down on the line, we'll rise to the occasion
Full scale invasion, pin point your location
Drop a bomb, incineration
Confirmation of your status been completed
No longer a ??? you been deleted
You well depleted, defeated becuase you played yourself
Ignorance is bad for your health
I moving in stealth, undetected flows
Resurrected, injected directly into your brain 'til infected
You can't deflect it, these beats that we selected
Even if you're not down, you must respect it
[Odario (Spitz)]
I'm off to the Fort Knox to knock down the door
Steal from the rich and give to the poor
Rap whore, never stop what I'm doing
Next time you see me, you know that I'm pursuing
My career, swing never miss
Coming swift like a fist in a rage catch my dift
With the one (Spitz the designated hit)
(Alais Maxmo, I'll leave a mark and then split [echo])
So catch me if you can
My man and I, we making moves like it's nothing
The task you use is like the start of your ending
No bluffing, we are the laid back of Mood Ruff-in
Let me tell you somehting
We entice, to make it nice
I blow the door up in the sky
Better get your own to make some pie
Sweet potato, be an innovator
Make your way up to the top like double deckers
And I'll catch you later