Mcs In Peg-City Testo

Testo Mcs In Peg-City

(feat. Mcenroe, Casino, Spoof, Scuskotch)

[Track starts ~7 minutes after "Waiting For the Sun"]

[INTRO: Odario] [talking]
Just when you thought it was over. But it's not. Now check it out, I'm
Odario, the smooth warrior and I got my man beside me Spitz, the designated
hit. But on top of ths, I got some Peg-City MCs up in the studio. Yo, I
got my man McEnroe, my man Casino, Scuskotch, the unorthodox, and Spoof.
Oooh, that's how we do. Yeah, we gonna do some MCing tonight just for all
y'all, all y'all, all y'all

No need for introduction, my favorite function
Operate the mic give it liposuction
Come around the bend kid you know you fucked
When my reign come down on your weak production
New terrain come on the night train
MC thang, no pain, no gain
Collect the MCs, degrees of mad ease
We grab for the mic and don't say please
New crew thang, get up, do your thing
100 miles to run with the style you bring
Hold up, don't fold and choke up
You know what, yo McEnroe tell 'em what
Rappers act like children, need to be tucked in
A glimpse of fame and how quickly they are sucked in
It's all minor and the music is the major
So they spend all of their money on a cellular and pager
So they can't afford studio time
I drop rhymes like you drop names
When you're out at a social gathering
I bring knowledge shown by the iron ring
Seem doomed to succeed, but don't ask me if I'm hiring
Not a fool who I find uninspiring
I draw praise, while your creativity is overdrawn
McEnroe, I refuse to be slept upon
You get worse with time like Goldie Hawn
So disperse, dispand, I'm disgruntled
'Cause the pressure keeps increasing but I'll never say uncle
Always be the hip hop purist
Been in rap for seven years and still feel like a tourist
Your death barely sounding, pounding, miles surrounding
I smash peaks off a mountian, screams abounding
On walls or off walls, on tour or off tour
We repeat, fuck off, forget y'all we encore
It's all over, if you scream for your soldiers
But no one knows ya, so you turn Johovah
Knocking on every door, the super nova
Blast out the tinted windows, 5% shit
Hot shit, big Casino release the rocket
Shit's over, won't quota this king cobra
Keep the death bite from which there's one antedote
Shades got it, don't knock it we hot topic
Stab so many hearts, open to all your foundation
Who think it make the nation that we replace with pacemakers
It's ???? the livest to analyze
So I'm an acquired taste, let my thought marinate
Lyrical jest, birng 'em down like David ?????
Shorty get you the highest (why don't you try this?)
My style, that's why they won't legalize
This falling off geysers, skydiving
Forgot my manouvers are high risk
Reach ya outer limits (seemed strung out off the techniques)
Taking quantum leaps over break beats
Famous plays for keeps
Oooh, child, come one keep it rolling y'all
Keep it rolling y'all, yo come on, come on, come on
You know I used to hate you and you probably hated me
But hate is too much power for hip hop is verbally
So thankfully we battled, rush the stage like come cattle
Now we are mature in the game it's unravelled
The better business bureau of rap society
Who's to say battle me(?), there ain't no soul proprioty
I'm lying, you suck and I probably suck too
Breasts when I'm horny, but MCing F-U
You're not a referee, judge, critic or a leader
You got an empty fridge, coke sniffer, wife beater
I stay responsible, feed my family and chill
Pretend I like playing in a sandbox to give my son a thrill
And bills will get paid, 'cause I'm that old fashion type
See you in 2074, museum of man and mic
I'mma utilize this rapture to capture this moment
I'm immortalized in time the second my voice's recorded
Assemble the best, too long we've been shorted
Drop gems for years, but the majority ignored it
Respect, if you supported in attempt to absorb it
Spoof rocking along side Spitz, who would have thought it?
Beef from long time, check the records like an audit
Hearsay of foul play was how the whole shit started
Should have disregarded, stayed focused as an artist
But I was too concerned with who rocks the hardest
No room in hip hop for MCs to be modest
Mood Ruff is the shit, I'm just being honest
Came back with two spit, saw your rep get tarnished
I admit, done some shit in the past
But that's the past, I learned to rock the mic with some class
Progress because when we collide we don't clash
Success is ours don't settle for less
Too much time we invest, too many heads impress
Too many suckers out there need to make way less
In their paychecks, already hit they apex
Drop one gem, got nothing to say next
Heads swell up leading cause sprain necks
Said you want to battle but you give me rain checks
Remain vexed, rhymes too complex
You lost brain cells trying to decipher this text, what
Oooh yeah, MCs in Peg-City
You know how we do
Yeah Mood Ruff, and the boys
We got McEnros, Shades Ov Blac, representation of Frek Sho
That's how we... DO!
Heh heh heh, hidden track, the hidden track, the hidden track
[beat fades out]
[Odario: talking]
Are you allowed to cough on your CDs? [coughing] Isn't that rude like
girls wouldn't like you anymore. You know when girls buy your CD just to
look at the pictures inside? You think they going to do that with us?
(probably) I think so, the black and whites. Hey, look at the black and
whites and um, if you like 'em just let me know. Ha ha ha.
[20 seconds of quiet]
YEAH! So, we're back, uh. Yeah the hidden track. But you know, the first
CD you don't know what you're supposed to do in the hidden track. Are you
supposed to be silly? (half the people won't even find it). Oh, I got an
idea. You know when people listen to your CD and then they fall asleep and
they thinkg the CD's over, then it scares you in the middle of the night.
Let's be quiet for a while and we'll scare them.
Hey look man! I've had enought with that.
[Whispering] Red sheep, blue sheep (Shh, they're sleeping). Be very, very
quiet, we're hunting wrabbit (Shh, shh, shh).
[talking] GOOD MORNING VIETNAM! We're not in Vietnam. (Tonight, tonight
we get a rope and hang me.)
Yo, is that the beat again? I thought we got rid of that
[beat come back in]
(?) It's supposed to be hype
[Odario] That's why it's a hidden track. Yo, yo cut the beat out, cut the
beat out Mike.
[beat fades out]
We got Mike doing shenanigans in the studio, on the engineering side of
things. And we love him very much.
[Mike] I'm only wearing boxers
[Odario] Hey, don't start. Now check this out. We want to thank all those
people who bought the CD because we worked very hard to get it done. So,
you know open up the little leaflet pamphlet and you'll see our address in
there. So, just give us a little letter and let us know that you appreciate
it. You know what I'm saying