Bulletproof Mona Lisa Testo

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Testo Bulletproof Mona Lisa

No matter how many candles are blown out.
No matter how many stars are wished upon.
I will never be able to bring you back.
There are days where I find myself forgetting
that our lives will never be the same.
A piece of me will always try to block out the pain,
and as a result I lose a piece of you,
more and more with each day.
I'd give anything to have you back here in her arms.
She is the one that'll never forget.
I see it in her eyes.
She misses you more with each tear that falls.
Tears fall, but she does not buckle.
Tears dry, but her memories will never fade.
What would you do if the love of your life was taken
away before you could say goodbye?
How would you react if a loved one walked away,
never to be seen again?
Are you strong enough to live the rest of your life
wondering if they truly knew how you felt?
I woke up without a name.
If only I could have told him how much of an honor it
was to share his name.
Have you ever loved someone so much that it hurt you
deep down inside. It hurts so much but it feels so right.
Have you ever loved
someone so much that you thought you heard their voice when
they weren't home, you thought you felt their touch.
You could never imagine your life without that love.
Hold on. Please hold on.
Until the love is torn away from you.
Hold on. Please for the love of god, hold on.
Once it is gone it is never coming back.
He is never coming back. She is never coming back.
Things will never be the same again.
I found myself staring at the phone but I never made the call.
I missed my chance to tell him how I felt one last time.
This loss brought she and I closer.She is my everything.
Without her I am nothing.I will never be able to repay her for the life she has provided.
Without love death is the only option