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Testo Me

Forget about the future.
Today is all I have.
This show must go on.
This van will roll on.
My rants may drag on.
But someday I too, will move on.
This one's about me.
Relate to it however you can.
I know what I am capable of. Now show me what you are capable of.
Sweat drips.
Tears build.
Vocals strain.
Lives change.
Most people go their entire lives without reaching a soul.
I make it my life's work to affect this world.
I will be remembered.
I will leave something behind.
How will you be remembered and will you leave something behind?
This is my legacy.
Truth leaks from my eyes.
This is my calling.
This is all I know.
My mouth opens and inspiration pours out.
It can not be contained.
I will not be contained.
Hear me now.
One day I will be gone, but my voice will live on, I have never felt a desire
grow so strong.
Hear me now.
I am not afraid of losing everything in order to be happy with what little I have.
I know what I am capable of.
Show me what you are capable of