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Testo Get In The Van

This isn't getting any easier for me.
With each day that passes I lose the ability to speak.
At times I forget why I am still here, after all of these years.
If this was about the fortune, and if this was about the fame,
I would have walked away the first time I had lost my voice.
I am here simply because this is as much yours as it is mine,
and the feeling that I get from this experience is impossible for words to
I can't thank you enough for being apart of this,
I know it may not seem like much
but it means the absolute world to us.
No matter how long the ride may seem once we get out of that van and see your
faces we are reminded of why we leave our lives behind.
Let us do everything in our power to make this moment last forever.
For just one night I would like to believe that you actually cared about
where we came from, what we're saying and why we are here.
In a perfect world you would hang on every word that I had to say,
but that would give me one less reason to yell and then what would I have to say?
You are entitled to fold your arms, and look away but for those of you that
stand before us we scream for you today.
A majority of you have already blocked out this incessant noise,
you are the same people that go through life not listening unless it's to the
sound of your own voice.
I will do my best to remind those of you that have forgotten what this is all about.
This is your microphone, This is your stage.
This is your right to claim, This is your day.
This is all for you.
This is your salvation.
This is our salvation