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Testo One Way Ticket

There is no coming back from this.
She gasps for her last breath.
There is no turning back now.
He will never get to take his first steps.
These children were your responsibility, and how you could fail so miserably
is completely beyond me.
She had just learned to tie her shoes and her brother was so young he could
barely stand.
Neither could run away from this, as you took life with your bare hands.
What were you thinking?
Blood and tears have never tasted so bitter.
How could you do this?
Their lungs can only hold out for so long.
I will scream for those that can no longer defend themselves.
I will scream until the system works, I will scream until it doesn't hurt!
I will scream until my lungs burst,I will scream until I am below the dirt!
My sore throat still only makes my voice grow stronger!
Lifeless eyes capable of changing the world stare blankly at a father that
has helped ruin it.
You make me sick. I am ashamed for you. Enjoy your trip to hell, here is your
one way ticket.
We will be our own demise.
You lied and said you'd care.
You lied and said you'd love.
You lied and said you'd share.
You lied and told them they were safe.
You lied and told them you would be true.
You lied and suffocated with hate.
You lied.
We are stabbing ourselves in the back