In Ourselves We Trust Testo

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Testo In Ourselves We Trust

Whatever happened to freedom of speech?
How is it that now when we speak our mind, we all get fined?
Whatever happened to practice what you preach?
We were once told that we could overthrow the government,
and now we can't even express how much we are sick of it?
We must have forgotten to read the fine print.
There must be something that we are not seeing here.
Is it possible that we are on to something?
After all of these years, is it possible that the public has finally caught on?
They are slowly coming to, and they realize that they are the ones in power.
After all, they do have the right to overthrow our corrupt government.
I think they are on to us.
So grab the sewing kit, and stitch up their children's mouths.
They are speaking from the heart and that has the power to bring us down.
They will never give us enough credit, so let us rise as one,
and grab the duct tape, and wrap it around their faces.
This will be the last time they misjudge the potential of our frustrations.
I've heard it all before, what difference can I make?
I am only one person and I do not think that I have what it takes.
The most important thing to remember is that you are not alone.
I assure you that together we can make all of our dreams come true.
There is strength in numbers.
One person can plant the seeds.
Five people can water the fields.
There is strength in numbers.
One hundred people will taste this fruit.
Rest assured, five hundred will be hungry for more.
We are hungry for more and we deserve so much more than this.
We will no longer be silent.
You will have to rip out each and every one of our throats
before we abide by the new law.
We see right through you, and we know that you are scared.
We will not continue to live in fear of what may happen
if we speak on something that we are unhappy with.
These are not the beliefs our country was founded on.
We the people planted the seeds of truth and
we will not rest until we taste it's fruit.
We will take it back. We will take it all back. We will take back what's ours.
No matter how hard they try they will not be able to silence us,
if we all scream.
If we all scream loud enough, I know they'll hear us.
Scream as loud as you can, and they'll never be able to ignore you.
I have a chaos theory of my own