Don't Look That Way Testo

Testo Don't Look That Way

A man walks in the room he said "say goodbye to yourself,
Say goodbye to yourself the rest of your life you're all mine" where's that voice of reason I should have known
That you would be going when there were songs in your soul and I say I want you to go but I don't want you to go...

I'll leave before I lose myself
But I'm begging of you please don't look that way at me
If you breathe ill be under your spell
Baby what's this hold you have over me

A girl walks out the door thinking she's strong and able
But never strong enough no
The rest of my life I'm all yours
Where was that voice of reason?
What happened to me?
I want to love you but I don't want you to know
And I say I want you to go
But I don't want you to go

If I look away you win
And I can have you on my skin baby
There's nothing I want more
But then the thunder cries my name
And I will hurt the same again
Coz your not mine and baby I'm not yours