Out In The Open Testo

Testo Out In The Open

Days are so long
Soldiers can't fight the war I made
Oh it's all wrong
Nothing compares to you babe

I want you but I know
All the signs tell me ill pay if I do
But pay more if I don't

Got to get it out in the open
Got to name this feeling I ain't used to
I got his notion oh in a funny way I really like how it burns out in the open knowing I should run but I ain't going now I got this
demon oh and in a funny way I like how it burns

Dance with me once
Soldier I lost to you a long time ago
You don't know what you do
I long to save my soul I long to hold you but I'll pay if I do pay
Even more if I don't

Gotta get it out in the open...

Here is this thing that I've wondered about
And now in the dark it's dangerous and alive
And I'm noticing that your so in it now
And you ain't showing signs of coming down
Oh there ain't no way down now!
There ain't no way down now...