Hard Time For The Dreamer Testo

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Testo Hard Time For The Dreamer

Well now I like to make a grand plan early every morning in the same way but id really like to read The pages today coz I cant think of one and I wonder if these games are for everybody out there Or just me coz I never understand why its never easy

It's like I think you try me to give in
Hands up i'm out of the game
But I don't think I'm ready today

It's such a hard time for the dreamer stay down low dreamer
Even though I stay this ache don't go way no not ever
Yeah it's hard time for the dreamer keep it in dreamer
I realise this day the fires gonna stay now and forever

Baby kiss me and tell me out loud
Tell me I'm not broken I'm not outta time
Coz all the world's gone crazy and I don't know where I fit now oh and I think I may be losing what filled me up and made me in the first place
But then I remember the taste and it pulls me back in

It's like I'm marching up hill while you pull harder to see if ill fall but I don't think you know me at all

Oh it's such a hard time.....

And though you tie my hands behind my back, I like it
And somewhere in you loves it when I'm on my knees
But this is not a game I want to play forever
Please don't make me....