Lose Yourself Testo

Testo Lose Yourself

I must have wandered every street here in this big city
Outside the lines oh nothing fit until you said "come here"
Oh no, I'm not easily led but you're so pretty yeah
And it's such a crime to be so pretty yet lonely baby

Lose yourself
Where loving is the law
Take out all your fears
And leave em at the door
And if you wanna ride ride with me
I'm better for your health
Hang it up baby lose yourself

I must have sang in every bar here in this big city
there were no more words that I could mean while I was standing still so if you wanna stir it up come to my side lets hitch and take a new name baby , you're one of my kind

Lose yourself...

Let yourself be in the moment
You and me
With stars falling around like rain
Where all the world makes sense again
How it all makes sense again...