Totally Underwater Testo

Testo Totally Underwater

Totally underwater
Been swimming that way for days
Totally underwater
Where nobody knows my name
Totally underwater
Going deeper for days
Totally underwater
Letting it flow away

Are the days getting longer?
Or is this wave of blue getting stronger
If you know the moves why didn't you show me?
And now my back will break so you don't own me

Tell the world you're in demand now
I'm down her looking up and it's not so bad now
But if you knew the way to go why didn't you tell me
And I will carry this weight so you don't own me

The truth is stardust it got up in my eyes and a bitter twist up in my face
And though your shadows follow me tonight
You better know that I have paid for it babe I know about it all the
Live long day
And now I have been so low for so long, expect nothing from no one
You grew from me then let me down......