Pilot Testo

Testo Pilot

Ooh I'm scared the weight of love is so
Hard on the heart that I go folding up the stars
I can see I played this love thing wrong
I wind it all up and when it's gone
It's all I ever wanted
And you make sure this ache don't go

I'm shaking nobody can steady me like you do
If you will be pilot and run out ahead of me
Ill follows you

Sorry is my hardest word
I'm sorry baby I learnt how to make you cry
Look the sky is falling down around us
And the worlds a cold, cold place all alone
Baby you can trust me
Now I know this ache won't go

Now I'm strictly dedicated and ill walk the way you pave it
I'll try to keep in line
But now time goes so fast and now I know our love will last
I won't waste any more time

You see I'm shaking...