Hyperventilation Testo

Testo Hyperventilation

Even i can't erase all my imagination
but i wasted all i
oh oh oh oh
and i try to believe in this simplification
to be there when i arive at my destination

feels like i was wasting just a bit more time
when we say oh oh oh oh oh oh
what if i never loved you
i tried but i could never be the one to say
when we say oh oh oh oh oh oh
i could never leave that way

you could see my elated disorganization
we were so on fire oh oh oh oh
you make me feel like i'm nearing hyperventilation
when you call me a liar
or is it my imagination

baybe you are my lady
you know i'l love you till the day i die
because lately you make me crazy
you know i'm not the man i was before