My Song Testo

Testo My Song

This is my song this is my story
this is for you my king your glory

life come get me now you gonna wreck me
i'm all broken up now you gonna get me
pray to the Father pray to the King
to the Most High God who created everything

i just can't believe all my luck is holding out and i know that the answer is waiting there for me
counting all the days going by
one day i'l be with you up in the sky
i know it hurts sometimes down here
when you are with me i have no fear

don't let hate propagate
don't let it fly don't let it circulate
love thy sister love thy brother
that guy next door who thinks that you're no other than
the thousand men who tore him up beat him up
you can be the one man who stops to check his pulse
the love of God will be in his house