Sister Testo

Testo Sister

Sister give me some water give me something to drink
are you not well is it the way that i think
have i betrayed you did you want me to go

brother would you forgive me did you want me around
maybe if i would never make a sound
won't you believe in me allow me to know

but it just happens sometimes when you just can't take anymore
and you got to get out of town
what is He calling me for
i wish that i could but do you wish that i might
oh oh oh
i always knew you were right

everyday is a battle everyday is a fight
out in the cold we're never warm in the night
but it doesn't matter i don't care anymore

sister give me some water i was only a kid
why did you hate me for the things that i did
won't you believe me i don't want you to go

you are my sister and my brother
you're my father and my mother
you are all that i could ask and all i need