Shinedown Testo

Testo Shinedown

We weren't aware of the darkness there
there was just no way for us to know
we did not live this life no
then you saw us there below
all the broken words and all the people in the this world that hurt
all the summertimes that used to make us feel alive
i won't go away from you
i will not do what i should not do
i will not go where you won't go
it's better for me if i don't know
i know i'm not better off to live so far away where i don't know you
i just want to come and see you

wakeup starlight i do not feel right
high up in the sky
shinedown and make us bright

it wasn't fair it wasn't fair for me to know
for me to live for me to eat on the table of kings
and live diamond dreams and drive silver cars and ignore the screams
so live every day today and please remember this might be the last day
you will ever see when we go to the stars and meet
shine shine on the people