One Step Away Testo

Testo One Step Away

I remember once
when I was just a child
and I figured it all out

and we don't have to wait too long
we'll take the long way home
they've never known about

sometimes i feel an emptiness
that I don't always show
cuz you won't let me go

I just wanna fall we go higher and higher
we are so alone here we burn in a fire
we were only one step away from the flame
we were never there at all but you remember my name
my name

I've waited here for all my life
but they don't seem to care
they don't listen here at all
and we have only one thing left
but I don't wanna go
no I don't wanna know

and we could see so clearly
but I'm not afraid to know
cuz you won't let me go

Amazing grace
how sweet the sound
that saved a wretch like me
I once was lost but know am found
was blind but now I see