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...Raise Hell... (Possesed)
A Burning Army
A Dream Of Sleeping Warriors
Birth Of God
Bring Forth The Darkness
Bring Forth The Darkness... (Yet To Come)
Death Of A Blind Guide
Gods Are With Us
I am Destroyer Of Gods
I Am The Judge
Immortality Crusade Part 1
Immortality Crusade part 2
Immortality Crusade Part 3
Immortality Crusade Part 4
Omnivorous Sonatina
Prologue - The Majesty Of The Sacred Mountain
Raise Hell
Ravens Brought Them Victory
Reviving Of The Master Of The Dead
Soul Of The Beast
The Crown Of The Serpentine King
The Epilogue - A Prophecy: Fall Of The Last Temple Of Time
The Fall Of Black Fortress
The Inferno That Took His Life
The Night Of The Triumphator
The Path Of Sword
The Reaven Odin's Witness
The Ruins
Thee I Worship
Thee I Worship (Fairytales De Infernal Part 2)
Under The Sign Of The Pentagram
Under Thee Sign Of The Pentgram
Upon The Throne Of Serpents
Valley Of Speechless Dusk
Vicious Circle
Viperion Ardant