Certified Testo

Testo Certified

[feat. Z-Ro & Kaza]

[Talking: K-Rino]
Easy mon
Let me tell y'all what's about to happen
First of all I got the Mo City Don
The King of the Ghetto, you pick the title
Then I got my homie
The young South Park flame thrower
Kaza up in here with me
Ha, ha
Oh, by the way, it's ya boy
The Dead End OG
See alot of cats do what we do
But they don't do it how we do it
So in order for you to qualify for your G card
You gotta be certified
Shoutout to Klondike Kat
Let's do this

We pulled up five deep in the dark Lincoln
Shut the party down like ya momma when she start drinking
I'm bare-hugging the game it ain't no getting lose
I'll leave ya sickle a gallon in a two-month old chitlin juice
If I aim I'm goin hit'cha
My shots are like ya wife when ya leave home for work I won't miss ya
Some of my actions ain't psychologically sensible
I'm invincible; my office is where they send the principal
Your girl is trippin dude and honestly you should check her
Cause right now she's on my woo-woo-woody woodpecker
You play with us ya leave and you'll be on the bus deceived
And when you see me you should apologize to me just for breathing
I put the game down heavy like Petey Wheatstraw
You're strong enough to flip a grown elephant off a see-saw
Bill your juices up to try me it goes to be in a hospital hooked on spiritual IV

I know they hate that we this live, cause we straight certified
Many tried and got they whole mind state murderlized
We was mashing out the gate and you was late to arrive
Like walking in a eight-O-clock meeting at eight thirty-five

Uh, I know they goin hate though
King of the ghetto what they call me I'm the new Nate Dogg
Disrespected with the media they just can't wait though
Not try'na spend it up I'm try'na make ya face break though
They mad at me cause I be shining that hoe
I'm like cracked nails on the south board I'm grinding that hoe
Signature ink linking through the check I'm signing that hoe
And all these golf balls lil daddy, yeah the diamonds that low
I'm winning to die for mine
So if I catch you by yoself you better get quick up with'cha hind that I am with mine
Z-Ro is a rolling stone
And the day I make my handy might kick up and at least pussy is my new home
I'm feeling so Pimp C right now call me Ro Chad
And the rumor start fore I want y'all to see me so I don't go fast
In the strip club I become richer cause all I do is throw cash
[?] I'm a whip yo ass so fast


I tell em I am Kaza the stand that I'm certified
Worm sharper than the spikes of a porcupine
And I don't do too much talking I just hold the nines
Chiropractor bullets send em through em let em ark ya spine
The school of hard knocks and nick I'm the fatuity
A.R's, neck and lavish your life's a catastrophe
Back to the factory, running manufactory
Polo type, FDA's a proof satisfactory
Ammunition gang mothafucka with'cha guns hide
S.P.A. niggas south [?]
The school street fighting now I'm looking like Plunge guy
Big boy trucks, sponsor by a tunk
Got gorillas in the dark, face turned the lamp on it
Reno addressed it [?] stamp on it
Fifty percent sleeping forty percent kept on it
Metaphor Ziploc delivery clemped on it

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