Natural Born Artist Testo

Testo Natural Born Artist

Those of us who fit this description are as greatly misunderstood by the masses

Sorrow comes with wisdom, pain comes with love
Could I be the true definition of... (definition of)
A natural born artist
To be yourself with somebody else with just the hardest
Light follows darkness, hate follows success
What Rocketeria determines who's truly the best?
Ha, I'm a natural born artist (natural born artist)

[Verse 1:]
I'm not the hardest dude, I'm not the weakest either
I know that God is real, I'm not a disbeliever
Hated and misperseed, some say I'm sick indeed
And I the one that came to say you are that wicked seed?
Outside the sun is beaming, inside my heart is raining
Still complain in this right all the blessing I'm uptaning
Temtations forsinatrate my triggalations
I piant pictures in your mind with verbal illustrations
You know if cash was blood I would of blead to death
I scarfice fed others before I fed myself
The streets are living hell, peace I've invest the fine
I'm try'na show you the way out like an exit sign
Thought I was next in line, my name was how they taught it
Sometimes you don't know you was in the moment until ya out it
[Laughs] I'll give you two seconds to think about it
One, two, three, think he understood I doubt it


[Verse 2:]
Explain to me, why are we who you believe we are
Why is your perception of success perceed this law?
We chase riches with itself we outta try to master
The grassest gazing at it might not be the greenest pasture
Happiness is something that is measured from the soul
Not how many earthy possessions that one can hold
When you die you leave with nothing so you sounding funny
And if that is that ain't helping you that counting money
Nothing you aculminate goes with you with it's time
Takings impossible the key is what you leave behind
Write your thoughts down let future people read yo mind
Become eternal trees sproued from the seeds of time
What if we take away the money take away the car
Strip you down to the raw essence of who you are
My motives love ever drop of blood every vain
Art form perfectuation never on a tary game


[Verse 3:]
See, see yo treasure might be trashed to me
You might enterpit my formal worship is blast from me
My happy just might bring you simultaneous agony
I'm glad to see anything that all I has from me
A true artist practice his non-conformity
He constantly releases natural creative honesty subconsciously
I'm not the one the industry wants to see
Controversial not drama-free, always follow comets cause they can't stomach me
A true art is God, creativly is torn
Contaminated and crafted out from it's natural form
An artist might cry in the sun and laugh in the storm
Cause he opporates beyond with the few to be the norm
His heart is big so before he punish it he bors
He celebrates the day of the morsh from his new wars
Knows he's talented but never blows his own horn
Makes a masterpiece and before receives credit he's gone

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