I'll See You Testo

Testo I'll See You

To errbody that's in the system
Been in the system
Got somebody in there right now

[Verse 1:]
If you locked up or ever been there, this is my sentiment
We riding for ya matters if you guilty or ya innocent
We goin keep on writing this ending brand randomly
Five months or fifteen years we still family
The man in need won't let me cell you out and go phone in
Times like this is when you discover your real homies
Potnas that I barely kept on that guilt is still on me
Seeming like the world forgot you that feeling is real lonely
It ain't easy on ya momma, you knowing that she hating listen
By the way, put my name on ya visitation list
So I can come through holla, and chop it up with'cha
I ain't been going out to much but I'm a get'cha some pictures
Yeah it seems bad right now but continue to strive
Cause we goin tear this city up the second that you arrive
Boys is still posting up on these blocks try'na beat em
Honestly you ain't missing nothing but family and freedom

I'll see you when you make it back
(See you when you make it back)
I'm hoping that you knowing where the love is at
(I'm hoping that you knowing where the love is at, homie)
I'll guess I'll see you when you make it home
(Ha-ha, see you when you make it home)
Until that day try to hold on
(Keep your head up mayne, we ain't forgot about ya, yeah)

[Verse 2:]
You gotta good family and a young son who loves you
He so big one day I saw him and thought he was you
I'm just playing, but on the cool homie that time flew
At least to me, but I guess I can't judge you for yo view
When you ask about your girl in the last latter you sealed
You told me to keep it straight real no matter the deal
Well the truth is it's been two years, she gotta dude and they together
Man you couldn't expected to wait forever
And I heard that he treating her good and that she trust him
Plus you know that if he ever go left we will touch em
I know it probly hurts to read that but she was patient
Gotta charted to the game in circumstances situation
Use your time wisely emotions can be misleading
Conspirituality feeding your soul, praying, and reading
See yeah they got'cha flesh at the mome of a 'don't sweat em'
They can only incarcerate your mental if you let em


[Verse 3:]
We can't forget about our sisters in jail, we got'chu
Those with kids who did what they felt necessary to do
It ain't my place to speculate, throw stones or judge
Whatever it was we knowing you did it out of love
And those who broke multiple laws
Nobody talks about the number of minority women behind bars
What happen ain't none of your business, mine yours
Everybody wanna stereotype em and find flaws
But never let em say you not a queen, she say she looking rough now
But she goin shut it down once she hit the scene
And I believe her, state jail or county it's aight
Taking classes cause she seeking something better for her life
And I notice she goin get it cause she learn from her past
Tired of talking to her people and her children through a glass
But even if you doing time and you never coming home
Besides God you always got somebody to call on, feel it


Too everybody on every unit
State jail, county jail
All the political prisoners
Errbody that was falsely accused
Male or female
Whether you did it or not mayne, we ridin with'cha
Cause we know the system is corrupt
And all they wanna do is lock us up
We love y'all
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