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[Talking: K-Rino]
In everyone you see is an illusion
Cloud of smoke
You are a cloud as well
It's all about how long the smoke last

[Verse 1:]
There was a lady who done lost a husband and she was stressing
Mentally second guessing in answering God's blessings
In her eyes for that man the sun would set and rise
Two years into the marriage met an un-timing demise
Depression multiples from everything she had gone through
Stop working then became isolated and mournful
Before I go further into this I gotta warn you
She now about to take a trip into the paranormal
Laying in the room tears falling in volumes
A voice from the corner said "what is your problem?
The pain is hard to shake maybe that's true
But our love is infinite" she said 'baby is that you? '
"Yes and I'm kinda upset at my wife
Why are you acting like you dead when you still have life?
She said 'I'm missing you' told her "I know that'cha sad
But be glad God let us have the moments we had"

[Hook: Mayadia]
The times we had
I know that
Your heart is sad
Don't worry
About how things seem to be
I want you to be glad
And think of me

[Verse 2: K-Rino]
Young fella going crazy try'na achieve peace
He had just lost his oldest brother to these streets
The man hadn't been into the ground for two months
He decided to go wild and pull a few stunts
Outside the store, ready to take a chance
Before he walked in he felt something grab his hand
He didn't see anyone he dropped his drink
Heard his brother speak saying "stop and think
Why are you tripping put that pistol down?
Don't you know that's the reason I'm no long around? "
He said 'I'm hurt bro, you not being hear disappoints me'
"I understand that but keep it up and you'll join me"
'Why'd you have to leave? ' "I was foolish now I'm done
How you think mama would feel if she lost another son?
You gotta chance to see things out of the seed
Go home and change your life bro, be better than me"

[Hook: Mayadia]

[Verse 3: K-Rino]
C'mon, yeah life is cold
His momma passed away when he was twelve years old
Shooked off the relatives and foster homes
By sixteen suicidal thoughts was strong
Out of his real mind plotting was skill
Took a bottle and said, 'I'm a bout to swallow these pills'
About to take his own self out in round one
Heard a soft voice say "put the bottle down, son
You don't need too letting grief defeat you
I love you; I never intended to leave you"
'Yeah but you still did anyhow'
She said "Yes, so it's time to be a grown man now
You never had a father in ya life but I thought you would be strong enough to utilize what I taught you"
'Ok momma what'chu want me to do? '
"Live and give life to others like I gave it to you"

[Hook: Mayadia]
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