Ninety-7 Testo

Testo Ninety-7

Ay man, check this out real quick, man I'm a tell y'all sumthing

We got a station in Houston called Ninety-7 nine (97.9)
But they some pigs so I like to call them Ninety-7 swine
They don't care about nobody long as Ninety-7 shine
They say we supporting local talent, Ninety-7 lying
If I was still in my nineteen Ninety-7 mind
I'd be down to blast at they ass Ninety-7 times
See they probably be up in there sniffing Ninety-7 lines
Pay for spins man I wouldn't give y'all Ninety-7 dimes
If you in Houston and you still lifting the Ninety-7 fine
You must don't see how fake they are I guess you Ninety-7 blind
I'm a go up in there and carry out Ninety-7 crime
And walk around urinating on Ninety-7 signs
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