When You Hate To Love Testo

Testo When You Hate To Love

Sometimes we gotta go hear mayne
I hope this should help somebody

She was prefect growing up angelic beyond clean
High school vailed Victorian prom queen
Met a fella got took fast dreams of polish
Introduce her the drugs, sophomore year in college
Dropped out back in the hood the streets sweep her
Momma let her back in the house thought she could help her
The summer seemed crazy but trusting her seemed dumber
As soon as she went to sleep started stealing cash from her
Gone three or four days straight no sunshine
Selling what was left of her body for one dime
Told her mother she was rehabbing but she was lying
Whenever she came around she burned her each time
One night she was walking the street roaching for bread
They raped beat her up real bad left her for dead
Snuck into her mother's house once more this time she said
"I love you but you can't come in I'll pray for you" and shut the door

Sometimes you hate to love
Cause it's such a confusing thang
How can something that's made for us
Turn around and causes pain
Sometimes the greatest love
Is the kind that hurts the most
But when it seems it's far away
Less in time it's really close

This young boy had it all not many youngsters had more
Was raised up receiving whatever he asked for
The pride of his father big plans they both had
Roaming him to be a star athlete just like dad
He was on the right path the dream realization
By twelve grade recruited by every school in the nation
He was Spalding arrogant felt the world was his Playstation
Went to jail first time after a street altercation
His daddy came and bailed him straight out, jelly he worked it
Knew it had to be a misunderstanding his son's perfect
But the opposite of perfect they started to see signs
Then the next six months he got arrested three times
Daddy saved him from a big drug charge just throwed incur
But the robbery him and his boys pulled off was the last straw
Heart-broken when he got that call
His son crying on the phone, his father said "It's time you're on your own"


The next story is the deepest of all it gets harder
A single mother living alone with a young daughter
A new dude comes into the picture and bring author
Become the perfect man a provider and step-father
But when the mother left him alone the worst happened
He would do thing to this child no one ever imagined
Defenseless against this and robbed her for incidents
Permanent scars lifelong night marriage remembrance
Inside her, nothing would ever be like thing were
Never told a soul scared that her mother would blame her
Cause he told that in daily more reserve she became
The mood of the household started to feel strange
Mother's intuition kicked in she discovered what it was
Found an under gourmet in the clothes hamper spotted with blood
Ran in her daughter's room demanded answers at once
The child broke down and told her "what's been happening for months? "
Left her feeling like she fell unprotected child from home
When the man returned home, the police was waiting for him
Gave up the love she thought that she had but meanwhile
She got a painfully attempt to repair her broken child

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