Release It Testo

Testo Release It

Can I take a second?
To speak to you through me
Cause I would love for you
To speak to me through yourself
But that's what we gotta do
Release it

Give me a second and let me vent a little (vent a little)
I promise I won't get mushy or sentimental (I promise)
I know this rise temporary like I was in a runnel
Any resemble to your life is just coincidental (feel it)
A real person will I be the true one? (ha)
Great hazards come with everyday I spot and new one (see, see)
See when I was younger I was bad and wild
Now that I'm older I kinda wish I woulda had a child
I gotta be strong for others when they having trials
So even when I'm feeling low depressed or sad I smile (understand)
And I ain't giving up so cancel that
Youse to only talk to myself but now I answer back (mane)
Peep the game on how the devil do (what the devil do)
He try to get you for all your spiritual revenue
Pushing you to be misguided and misdirected
New problems popping up just like an instant message

Release it, let it go, it ain't good to hold it in [x3]
Confession is medicine for the soul my friend

Let's take a journey through my mental maze, I'm the guide (let's go)
One time I quit rapping and started working nine to five (you lying)
Satisfy would be in broke no longer 'bout my wealth
Started to question who I was began a doubt myself
Reduced the mediocrity so I drew the conclusion
That doing music was a true convoluted illusion
The foolish thought my gift was using seems stupid but proven
Failure to try to learn the truth is the root of conclusion
A voice spoke to me and anger asking 'what'chu doing? '
You should be moving towards your goal, how come you not perusing?
Youse pose to mash fight the past, hustle like yo dad
Get off ya ass and do it fast' I said alright my bad
I started mashing hard and turning back was never mentioned
Been self-controlled and independent ever since then
My dream I was wasting it cause I was scared of chasing it
Having via the problem the problems never facing it

[Hook x2]

My woman curses me deservingly
With discourages and worries me because we're not communicating verbally
And even though she means the world to me
And now nervously occurs to me that she currently might not be the girl for me
Am I flawed in my action, obviously
I know my own philosophy is still with double standards in hypocrisy
But this right at acidity I strive to be
Real with those who real with me, and try to best person that I can be
My greatest quality is self-motivation
I'm the product of the wildest streets and that's the side of me I show the nation
I seen it all I've been defenseless afraid
But at a early age I grew out of my sensitive stage
Now I'm grown and I'm still standing strong nothing's scaring me
If you gotta cry, go ahead and cry tears are therapy
I promise whatever you going through will be done in time
Keeping it in ain't never good, say what's on your mind

[Hook x2]
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