Under The Radar Testo

Testo Under The Radar

K-Rino and Dougie D
They can't see us

See I'm known but unknown before now and after
You ain't never heard of me but I'm your partner's favorite rapper
See try'na locate me on VH1
Is like try'na find a ice cube and a harder the son
You don't find me on billboard or radio track
I'm hood platinum I went wood but never got a plaque
I stay coming after you commercial rap a neck grabbler
Chitin curtain Underground Railroad traveler
How many artists can drive on raw skills
And travel the planet selling out shows with no deal?
My circles got Blacks, White, Latinos and Asians
Who represented for K-Rino on many occasions
The ghetto grind-up real rhymer the bread finder
Who murdered the stage and embarrasses the headliner
Y'all music is garbage the mainstream is doomed
You ain't gotta acknowledge me you goin know I'm in the room

[Hook: K-Rino]
We be travelling under the radar, and under the line
But over yo head, same time start spraying
Leaven em wet, that's why we a threat
Breaking the rules that y'all set

[Dougie D:]
Look into the hourglass, living through this every time
Spitting numbers of rawest and the realest rhymes and I
Under the radar, under the ground
Where a muthafucka what'cha stay 'bound but hell naw, shit
And who had boys in the club with they clothes paint
... dancing with hoes right?
And that's the type of shit they put on the radio
I ain't hating bro, this is some real shit need to be heard fo
Now how you overlook at making these challenges you could learn something
Power minds in his work and you buying that you heard from em
It comes afraid of this ghetto gospel
Tried to give you people knowledge, keep muthafuckers wanna try to hide it from it
And naw dawg, that Dougie D see he fight
Dougie come in the hood out the trunk to keep these streets right
And naw dawg, that Dougie D see he fight
Dougie up in the hood out the trunk to keep these streets right

[Hook x2: K-Rino]

Picture me stepping into a meeting with label excets
Flank by whose attorney and two ex-convicts
Digesting all the BS they tried to hand cam
Across the table telling me what I can and can't say
Saying that I outta dumb-down to be on the label
Picture me getting agoed losing and flipping the table
Scaring the hell out of the staff and shaking them older guys
Been asked to leave before authorities are notified
Like a spiracy to make us ignorant as being drilled
Name travelling the wire, black ball for being real
Fools persentity with nonsense with hopes are bending me
Over, try'na rape and take my industry's virginity
But I'm a street national spins for found grand's
With ten dollar a pop hand to hand sound scans
Written produced the range composed the finance by K
So when you see me you seeing the heading man

[Hook x2: K-Rino]
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