H-town (Don't Give A Fuck) Testo

Testo H-town (Don't Give A Fuck)

[20 Seconds Without Sayin Anything]

[Lil' Matt]
This song is for my homies and homies
Lil Chromey on my throney
Fuck you niggaz and throw it
I'm new the best a Southsider but I got sun shatter
I'm the new fuckin rappa best of slappa I'ma kill ya
I'ma fool ya pussy ass nigga I'ma raccoon ya
I'm real I click blow up really quick
Don't give a fuck cause I'm rappin really quick
My name ain't Tom I fucked wit yo' mom
Bitch nigga I'ma put a big big bomb
My car is a Tonka my sister's friend is Blanca
Don't give a fuck cause I'm reppin up H-Town
I live at Houston even at Screwstum
Nigga I'm from Texas you ain't from Texas
You from Denver, freak and burn shiv wit Double D whenever
I live in the Southside of Houston Texas
Fuck you niggaz if you wanna be Dustin and Justin
They suck I rock you bitches better flock better then block
Don't give a fuck cause you bitches live in dock
I'm a H-Town reppa, like my brother
Diamonds in my face like that bitch mothaFUCKA!

That was Lil' Matt my friends
That was his second song from the alb Automatic Triggaz
He gonna be with his friend Willy Wooh Wigga
My friends again that was Lil' Matt
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