Mad Haters (Dissin Haters) Testo

Testo Mad Haters (Dissin Haters)

[Lil' Matt Talkin']
These are your mad haters
They don't like anything about you
They suck if they don't like you
Only if my cousins new how to rap

[Lil' Matt]
You mad haters you need to have yo' fate
Mad niggaz like you are bein bait
Some niggaz are already faintin
Fuck you if you ain't paintin
Mad haters ain't great this is 2002
Fuck you niggaz if you ain't rich like a bitch 02
You mad haters are so fakin
Dick ass nigga do I smell some bakin
Niggaz are fuckin hatin ain't playin changin but shavin
You ain't at heaven yo' favorite number is eleven
Dick ass nigga you better put some paintin
Mad haters are fadin they are bladin but ain't like Ultramagnetic MC's Blazin
Mad haters are jealous cause they ain't yellow but they brought some fellows
Juicy and Paul neva go to the mall but they gon be at the hall
Mad haters neva rise but they devise mechanically divide
I neva talk down on homies and friends only niggaz that I don't like
In 2000 I always wanted to be a rappa playa balla but Neva a shot caller
Mad haters will always be hatin neva fakin but see them shakin
When they are shakin I go and start chokin
Niggaz learn don't sperm fuck you if you gonna be so bored
You think I'm borin look at him he's snorin I go and start chokin
Don't eva eva eva eva think I'm borin okay bitch nigga
Mad haters try fightin me but they see I got my desert eagle right by me
Niggaz try don't be fright fight sight at night you know I fight with Dwight
Dwight ain't a hater he a skater he fakes ya he shakes ya
Haters don't be mad be glad that I kick yo' ass
Mad haters think they better then rappas they ain't shit cause they can't slap us
Mad haters can't get girls cause they need money like Ultramagnetic MC's Money Mike
Use a dike fight to the death I'ma take yo' breathe
Fuck you nigga if you neva seen death
You know me I got friends Paul Wall my friend Mike Jones my friend Slim Thug my friend
Where yo' friend oh yeah he's bend oh yeah I forgot he's dead
Mad haters tryin to be king of the South
Nigga you need a mouth a house a colored mouse
And nigga you ain't neva gonna be Supreme King of the South that's me niggaz
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