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Testo Just Playin

Laura Pausini nuda sul palco, incidente hot durante un concerto in Perù
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(feat. Paul Wall)

[Lil' Matt Talkin']
It's me again Lil' Matt
You know me Supreme King of the South
I'm with my friend Paul Wall
Hey let's go

[Lil' Matt]
It's Lil' Matt king of kings niggaz don't forget
I'm the best and I'll Neva eva eva eva represent the West

[Paul Wall]
It's me baby Paul Wall baby look into the sky
What do you see a white lookin outside gettin buy

[Lil' Matt]
When I went Down South I saw my mouth
I took to a house and it had a color-changin mouse

[Paul Wall]
Paul Wall Neva hates just makes them bait
Nigga you need fait

[Lil' Matt]
Down South Is really cool nigga you drool
B-I-T-C-H-N-I-G-G-A- snitch

[Paul Wall]
It's me Paul Wall just playin
My friend Lil' Matt is a king of his tat

[Lil' Matt]
Y'all niggaz don't know anything
Bitch nigga you ain't know bling bling

[Paul Wall]
Niggaz don't know nothin they ain't good
Niggaz need a lot of food that's good

[Lil' Matt (Paul Wall): Chorus Repeat 3x]
You know some niggaz just playin (Just playin)
Bitch niggaz neva just playin (Just playin)
They Neva fun but get a gun and shoot you niggaz just playin (Just playin)

[Lil' Matt]
Lil' Matt best of best kings of kings
Me and Paul Wall are Supreme

[Paul Wall]
Paul Wall baby Supreme king with Lil' Matt
We will be kings of the South

[Lil' Matt]
You know Lil' Matt ballin ain't fallin
Niggaz hatin fadin fuckin suckin zero deducin and dramalization

[Paul Wall]
Kings of the South have big mouths
Niggaz shut up and buy me a house

[Lil' Matt]
Crippsta best of Napster faster grippin naster
Like a police sippin leen nigga bitch a cut yo' spleen

[Paul Wall]
Crippa crippa nigga snizzell for big doggity dizzell
Bitch you need genuine to make a cinnamon swirl

[Lil' Matt]
Lil' Matt grippin tats but a big stat
Nigga bitch you need that to be on my stat

[Paul Wall]
Your lookin like my dog just died
Nigga white boyz are gonna rule these world

[Lil' Matt]
This is my last verse come on bitch
You need to snitch fuck you nigga you live in the ditch

[Paul Wall]
These verses ain't that long nigga is that a thong
Man do you live in Hong Kong

[Chorus: x10]

[Lil' Matt Talkin']
This is Lil' Matt & Paul Wall
Hey Paul Wall good song right (Yeah)
Nigga bitch you need to hear this song

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