I Got 5 On It Freestyle Testo

Testo I Got 5 On It Freestyle

[22 Seconds without Sayin Anything]

[Lil' Matt]
If you see me on the table with my homies and homies
And toy homies you can't fuck with a bitch like Jim Jonies
Tim Jim Kin Absolete ain't absolute
They ain't great people the just big fat devils
Big Jamez I wish yo' ass was back man
Crippsta I hope you will become best of the South
Koopsta dream was to become the king of the South
One member of the Texas Mafias Lil' Rap is still alive
He ain't blind he's kind he could be find
Like Jive Stive Hive and Hurong wished they where at Hong Kong
I hope none of my friends die cause they don't wanna lie
It's kinda frightenin if you have dreams of them
But they ain't fightin for quite sightin if you ain't happy
I wished you where alive Big Jamez Crippsta and Koopsta
Lil' Crippa is kinda sad some niggaz are mad but it's kinda sad
You know me I'm Lil' Matt and I'm takin trips to cancoon
But that's not me that's just a fuckin dumb raccoon
They all weren't bad what did they do I ain't a fool
You bitches are just bafoons cause you don't care about dem dead crooks
My friend Stray Neva eva did nothin good and he's still livin
What the hell some nerds care mo' about dell computers
I hate them nerds but I ain't gonna be a hater
I got a lot of fate niggaz ain't gonna make me bait
Some poor niggaz live in crates
That's sad niggaz mad cause they didn't go to school
You poor niggaz are fools comin down to Texas
I represent the Dirty Dirty South
Niggaz I don't got a big mouth
I used to represent the West but it was kinda a test
My friend Stray said you ain't gonna go to the South
Bitch nigga you need to be rich and get a big house
I told him Stray you a bitch I'm gonna go to the South if I don't got a house bitch
Me and him Neva eva eva eva talk anymore
Now he's a poor bafoon I got Jumpboots
Man the Texas Mafias where the best they weren't pest they didn't take me as a test
That bitch nigga Stray was kinda gay and frayed
My friends the Lil' Thirteen Kings will neva take off their bling bling
Big Jamez died in 2000 cause of a car crash
Fuck dat nigga drunk
Crippsta died in 2004 cause of a gun shot in his head
Bitch nigga I'ma kill that bitch nigga dead
Koopsta died in 2004 cause of fishin with a friend
That bitch nigga pushed him off the cliff
My friends are gonna kill him cause we know where he lives and his name is Jeff

[Lil' Matt Talkin']
That's my 2006 Freestyle
I got 5 on it
Best song I eva heard
I'ma do another dedication to them
The Texas Mafias will be reborn
My mind went blank freestyle
Lil' Flip did that song in 2000
Dedication to Dj Screw
That bitch Joe Budden I don't like that bitch
Now I'ma do my mind went blank freestyle
Tomorrow I'ma do that song
I'm still kinda sad niggaz are mad but that's really sad
Nigga I'ma do that song tomorrow
I'ma do it with two friends of mine Money Mike and Blaze from the Ultramagnetic MC's
They still my friends they ain't fiends
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